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4 Charcuterie Trends in 2021

2021 is here, and charcuterie is on the main stage. It has become the new office party staple, but not just in one form! Check out these four charcuterie trends in 2021:


Thanks to COVID, everything comes in individual servings now. Who’s to say charcuterie shouldn’t be the same way? Now you’ll find individual servings of charcuterie in paper cones or plastic cups. If you ask us, the point of charcuterie is to gather together and enjoy a big, beautiful display, so these cones don’t impress us. But they have impressed many in 2021.


Grazing boxes are basically charcuterie boards shipped to your door, minus the board and thoughtful display. But they do give you the freedom to enjoy charcuterie at home, which we love. If you have to quarantine, might as well do it while enjoying a box of meat and cheese. While we like this idea, we wanted to take it a step further. Check out our care packages you can order and send to a loved one. Doesn’t have to be basic charcuterie... it can be so much more!


You may have noticed “table” as an option to order. That’s because large gatherings, like rehearsal dinners and graduation open houses deserve the gift of charcuterie too! Grazing tables are just charcuterie boards fit for the masses. Our tables serve 18+ people because the food isn’t confined to a board; just your table or kitchen island! We love these impressive and artistic arrays of food.

P.S. our tables come with three complimentary local wines! (Or mimosas if it’s breakfast)


Did someone say breakfast? It has got to be my favorite type of food. I’m thrilled about this trend! Charcuterie originally meant meats and cheeses, but now the term can mean almost anything you put on a board in small portions...or even sometimes big ones. Basically, we’re loving this freedom. Hop over to our boards and more page to see the trends we’re hoping to set!

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