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Advanced Guide: Five Cheese Knives to Start Using Now

There are a lot of cheese knives out there. You may be tempted to throw together a charcuterie board and not put out any cheese knives, but using these great tools is a key part of the charcuterie experience.

As much as a peanut butter sandwich needs jelly, a cheese board lover needs knives. Let's dive in!

The Flat Blade Knife

This knife is paddle-shaped, and its sharp side is at the end. This lets you make vertical cuts, and allows you to shave and chip at hard cheeses. It's perfect for fresh parmesan wedges, which are really hard to get through with other knives.

The Spreader

This one isn't quite a knife, but definitely just as useful on a cheese board! Its duller, curved blade makes it perfect for spreading ricotta, or baked brie, onto bread, crostini, or crackers. I include this on every baked brie board because it is so essential!

The Spade Knife

The spade is different than the spreader in that it has a sharp edge and a pointed end. It can easily cut up hard cheeses because of it's pointed, sharp end, and can slice through rinds that may normally give you a little trouble.

The Soft Cheese Knife

This one stares up at you from the kitchen drawer looking like it wants to kill you. Or is that just my perception of it? It just looks intense. But it is my new best friend when it comes to cutting soft cheeses that stick to my other knives. The holes allow slices to come off the knife easily. And, it has a pronged tip for easily transferring those slices.

The Pronged Knife

This knife is really great for a range of cheeses, from semisoft, like mozzarella, to hard, like parmesan. Its pronged tip is perfect for picking up a piece of cheese or the slice that was just cut, and moving it.

Et voila! Using cheese knives how they were intended to be used can make your job a lot easier, as well as give you the opportunity to create a unique experience when you serve a charcuterie board. Bon Appetit!

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