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An EPIC Formula for a Huge Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Tomorrow is International Friendship Day, and sometimes I think the best way to celebrate friends is by having brunch together! Bring together besties, mimosas, and brunch, and it's guaranteed to be a success.

Here is a formula so that you can create an epic spread at your next breakfast or brunch party - it's way easier than it looks!

  1. Start with the main attraction. Whether that's pancakes or waffles (or both!), have a LOT of one element so that people feel that they can take as much as they want to. A luxurious feel can be easy to achieve in this way. I love making everything mini, because this is charcuterie we're talking about! Grab some silver dollar pancakes from the store if you don't want to make a ton, or cut up waffles into smaller portions for a mini look if you don't have time to make those. I fill up a regular waffle maker part way with a quarter cup of batter to get these adorable little waffles.

  2. Add in another pastry. This could be a bread, muffins, or donuts, but give those sweet toothed friends a chance to go a little crazy. These add a fun touch but don't have to be the main attraction.

  3. Enter the protein. I always include sausage, sometimes bacon, and hard-boiled eggs. This gives our meat-eaters and savory breakfast people a chance to enjoy the spread just as much. A good mix of sweet and savory is key in a big spread. I also add yogurt parfaits for a more decadent element. Covering a bowl of yogurt with granola and some berries makes this accompaniment irresistible.

  4. End with fruit and toppings. The last thing you'll need is maple syrup, butter, and then fruit for a sweet, fresh note. I save one small element, like blueberries, as a garnish to sprinkle all over the board or spread.

There ya go! A four-step formula for an epic breakfast spread. Let me know how your party turns out! Your friends will not stop talking about it, and hopefully you'll have an awesome time catching up and enjoying some awesome food! If you feel like all this is a crazy time investment, we'll always cater one for you, with free delivery. You can order it here!

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