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The First Question You Should Ask a Small (Food) Business

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Many charcuterie businesses are popping up across the country... probably because it's a fun business, and with COVID changing our world, eating in has seen exciting new possibilities!

But there's one big question that everyone should be asking before they order from a small business - especially a new one!

"Are you food safety certified?"

There is not a lot of regulation for small businesses to become food safety certified. But they serve food, sometimes to large groups of people. That's a lot of responsibility!

There are a lot of rules and guidelines regarding food safety to which many small business don't adhere. At Charcuterie & More, we are food safety certified through NRFSP and adhere to each food safety regulation so that we can be sure the food we're serving is safe. We'll renew our food safety certification regularly so that you can rest assured you're buying from a great company.

Share with your friends; your safety shouldn't be compromised when it comes to supporting local businesses!

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