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Your Quick Guide: Kiwi Stars

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Me five minutes ago: That kiwi looks so fancy, I wonder what tool I’d have to use to make it look like that…

Me one minute ago: It looks perfect!!

Spoiler: you just need a knife. 😂

Knowing how to make things look fancy is half the battle when it comes to learning how to make charcuterie boards look perfect. Kiwi is one thing I just learned to stepped up my game in.

Here’s how!

1. Take a sharp knife, and make a diagonal slice in about an inch deep, in the middle of the kiwi.

2. Continue in a chevron pattern around the circumference of the kiwi.

3. Carefully separate the two ends of the kiwi, and voila!

Comment - did this work for you? What are some other fun ways you cut fruit?

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